Childrens acupuncture – Yes, really!

I have a special interest in paediatric acupuncture, being a mother of four children. I have seen the benefit in helping parents learn home care techniques to prevent common illnesses in children rather than spending hours in emergency. This technique is based on Japanese formal training and is called Shonishin. Shonishin, literally means Children’s needle therapy.  It is a unique and subtle method for all ages, from newborns to toddlers and older children.

Paediatric sessions involve non-invasive methods, using specialised tools, to rub, stroke, press and tap along the meridians in order to harmonise the distribution of energy throughout the body. The Eastern medicine belief is that in younger children, acupuncture points are not fully developed, so we concentrate more on the distribution of energy throughout the meridians, rather than focusing on specific points, as we would for adults. One of the main focuses of treatment is to apply pain-free techniques which help to harmonise the child’s energy, and make them calm and relaxed.  Shonishin is quite different from what most people would expect of acupuncture, yet these subtle techniques can sometimes be very profound. In some cases, super fine needles are applied for light contact/touch  on the surface of the body, and very rarely actually inserted in the skin.

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