Recently I had the pleasure of attending an amazing training with the beautiful Jacqui Ward, learning all about the art and process of fertility and womb massage. As you know I am really passionate about women’s health, fertility, pregnancy and supporting women on their journey whatever that may be. So, to learn about fertility and womb massage and to now be able to offer this service to my beautiful clients through my Sacred Divine Massage Therapy sessions is very exciting. Fertility and womb massage is such a beautiful nourishing treatment and quite different to what you may initially think when the word massage comes to mind. It is really about allowing the body to release tension and bringing everything back into alignment, so that the reproductive and digestive systems flow with ease within the body. As you know from some of my other blogs and my work, when everything is in balance as we refer to in Chinese Medicine, the body as a whole flows in harmony. 

What does fertility and womb massage involve?

This beautiful treatment involves an initial discussion to begin so I can understand where you are at on your journey. I will then get you to lay on your tummy and utilise Tibetan Bells to allow the energetic clearing of the space, before beginning with long fluid and gentle sweeping movements which are applied around the sacral, lower back and pelvic areas. A technique known as Rebozo, which involves delicately wrapping the body in cloth to help it feel secure and held is also incorporated within this treatment. Following laying on your tummy for a period of time I will gently guide you over to your back where the massage is targeted around the reproductive and pelvic area, extending gently up to the base of the rib cage as well as the head. Gentle palpation and pulsing movements are also applied throughout the massage as well. Having experienced this amazing treatment myself I can definitely say it was relaxing and almost hypnotic. I felt a release both emotionally and physically and I can also say following the treatment my digestive health, bowel and bladder function was absolutely amazing! The Sacred Divine sessions also have the added option of ending with yoni steaming if you choose as well.

Benefits of fertility and womb massage

The process of wrapping the body allows the central nervous system to become more relaxed. Through the gentle action of pulling the hips together softly the body is able to feel held, safe and secure and given space to release held tension and traumas. As women we tend to hold a lot of emotions within our hip and sacral areas, and the gentle combination of wrapping and smooth sweeping hand movements through the massage techniques allows the body space to unwind and realign. It increases blood flow and stimulates the organs to function properly, by gently guiding them back into alignment and balance. As when one organ, muscle or layer of tissue is out of alignment there becomes imbalance within all others, and in turn the body moves out of balance and flow. I recommend if you would like to try this beautiful treatment booking at a minimum two sessions as the first session can often bring things to the surface which I can then further support you to move through in the subsequent sessions. 

Who is this for?

Fertility and womb massage is really for anyone, but primarily for women who want to honour and nourish their bodies and bring balance and harmony to their entire system. Whether you may have some gut issues, abdominal tension, period pain or endometriosis, or are even trying to conceive, fertility and womb massage can be beneficial for many symptoms and conditions and also just to allow the body to come back to balance and alignment. When our bodies are in alignment, we move through life with much more ease physically and emotionally. It can also be useful for women with prolapse, going through menopause or who may have scarring from caesareans or endometriosis. There are some contraindications for this treatment; if you are actively bleeding with your menstrual cycle you need to wait till after this has finished or if you are trying to conceive this treatment can be used up to ovulation from which we would then use other techniques to support the body for a period of time. If you perhaps have undergone a hysterectomy for whatever reason this treatment is still beautiful, nurturing and just as effective.

Sacred Divine Massage Therapy Sessions

What I love so much about this new service I am now offering, which you can book here is that it is such a nourishing and healing treatment. It really allows you to truly honour yourself and your body in a supported space. As with all my services, but particularly the fertility and womb massage which is part of my Sacred Divine Massage Therapy sessions, I encourage if possible, a few sessions to allow the body to process not just physically but emotionally as well. If you would like to find out more, or to schedule an initial session I would love to hear from you, simply click here to get in touch.


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